Symbol and Synchronicity: Learning the Soul's Language in Dreams and Waking Life

Symbol and Synchronicity: Learning the Soul's Language in Dreams and Waking Life

The Mind's Eye II

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Are you aware that there is a way to constantly access messages from your guides to help you live the richer and more meaningful life that is already planned for you?

Did you know that you have a personal and trusted guide, standing ready to light your path, bringing dream time and waking messages of light and encouragement?

What if your soul is leaving you an easily accessible trail of daily breadcrumbs to find your own personal path to happiness, prosperity, and purpose?

You can easily channel your soul, follow the daily cues of synchronicity, and learn to use your dreams to lead you to greater clarity, enrich your life experience, and avoid some of the errors of the past. Author and renowned dream expert Julie Loar can assist you in accessing the dreams and synchronicities that serve as powerful guides if we can learn the language of our messengers.

Following a powerful dream that galvanized her to write this book, she offers ancient wisdom, modern discoveries in science, and practical instruction that includes the Seven Steps in Dreamwork process for deeper dream interpretation. More than just a treatise about the why's and wherefores of synchronicity and dream interpretation, this well-researched book offers a master class in learning to read the signs and symbols that can help you successfully navigate your life with meaning, insight, and clarity.

Symbol & Synchronicity will help you to remove the invisible blindfold that has kept you from seeing and acting on the messages, clues, and signs that have been offered to you your entire life. Live your life well-armed with the information that is constantly being delivered to you and find a new level of inner harmony, knowing you are being guided toward your best life ever.

In Symbol and Synchronicity, Julie Loar has drawn upon her years of in-depth study, metaphysical training, and personal experience to give readers a rich treasure trove of esoteric insights. This heartfelt and highly readable book integrates material from such diverse sources as the Wisdom Traditions of ancient Egypt, the Dream Temples of Greece, and the archetypal work of Carl Jung.