Snow Enchantment Moon Water

Snow Enchantment Moon Water

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Snow Moon Enchantment

I took a trip to my sacred sanctuary, the Sierra Nevada Mountains to immerse myself in the power and magic of this months Full Moon- called the Snow Moon because historically this month has the heaviest snowfall, which signifies winter and the end of the growing season.

 Snow covered the grounds of the mountains, turning the once familiar area into a renewed and fresh landscape, symbolizing transformation and can represent a life-changing situation.  As the snow collected melted, it represents new beginnings or the end of difficulties.

 Through the process of using this lunar cycle and the elements of the season, the result is a powerful small batch rutilated quartz infused snow moon water- that can be used for any purification, cleansing, renewal, transformation magic. (not to be ingested)

How to use:

  1. Set an intention on how to use your moon water- cleanse yourself or spiritual tools, purify your home or sacred space, call in new beginnings or a fresh start, release any current difficulty or challenge, bless the season
  2. Focus on the rutilated quartz crystal immersed in the moon water, as it holds and keeps the energetic spirit of your intentions. Optional: Hold the sapphire, fluorite and amber crystals in your hands, again thinking of your intentions, as they will be the carriers of your will.
  3. Hold the pine branch and evergreen sprig- close your eyes and visualize being surrounded by tranquility and calmness, and with a renewed connection to nature.The pine tree is a symbol of rebirth, renewal and a hopeful future. The evergreens symbolize eternal life and hope. (sustainably sourced from private land)
  4. Now dip your fingers in the water and sprinkle it on your aura, around an area or on your spiritual tools imagining you are cleansing and removing any negativity. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the intentions you set.
  5. Give thanks to the moon, and use your moon water in way called through out this lunar cycle.  Give your pine and evergreen branches back to nature, keep them next to your moon water or keep them close to you to keep your connection with nature and the season. 
  6. In closing, take a moment to reflect on what you have cleansed and released. Your intentions and manifestations will be at the forefront during this lunar cycle as the transformations take place.