Motivation Votive Candle

Motivation Votive Candle

The Mind's Eye II

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Reiki Energy Charged Candle to enhance your self-confidence and desire to complete tasks and overcome obstacles. Use in combination with a problem solving votive to boost your ability to focus on a particular area of your life.

Candle Affirmation: "I will the energy contained within this candle to heal, harmonize and balance my being.  It is time to move forward.  I let go of holding on to old bad habits.  I look at the magic of the new.  I seek heart and soul change.  May light and love surround and protect me in all my endeavors.  I will it so.... So be it...."

Essential Oil Fragrance Blend: Sunflower, Myrrh and Frankincense  

Candle Size 2" X 1.75"

Color: Wine