Lotus Stamen

Lotus Stamen

The Mind's Eye II

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Lotus Stamens (Nelumbo Nucifera) 

Folk Names:  Baino, Egyptian Lotus 

Properties: Protection, Lock-Opening, Prosperity, Fertility, Spiritual Enlightenment, Birth and Rebirth 

Gender: Feminine 

Planets: Moon and Sun 

Element: Water 

Deities: Horus, Buddha, Lakshmi

Chakras: All

Magical Uses: Revered as a mystical symbol of lite, spirituality, and the center of the universe, Breathe the scent for protection, Keep in your home to draw love, strength and abundance, Incorporate in spells designed for love, fortune and protection, Carry or wear to ensure blessings and good luck, Ideal for calling water element energy into sacred spaces, Rituals associated with feminine energy and the moon

*Caution Persons with shellfish allergies 
*Organic and Sustainably Sourced