Inner Wisdom Oracle Card
Inner Wisdom Oracle Card

Inner Wisdom Oracle Card

The Mind's Eye II

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How To Use These Oracle Cards:

Oracle Cards are a tool for your intuitive self to spark inspiration and spiritual insight. Use them when you want a little uplift, or wish to explore a new way of seeing things. 

Spread the cards out face down and choose a card that is "calling" to you. As you consider the words and image, receive the message that is right for you in that time and place. 

You can pull Oracle Cards by yourself, or as part of a group. Feel free to pick one or more cards, there are no rules! Do what feels right, and have an adventure.  

Pick a card to start the day with a smile, or share with friends to create spiritual connection, or choose one any time and place, just to be inspired!

Sets of 30 Wisdom oracle cards, each with a unique image and message.