Inner Peace Outer Power

Inner Peace Outer Power

The Mind's Eye II

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Finding one’s purpose is the central challenge in life. We all have many dreams and desires, but how do we know which one is our true purpose? And it often seems that no matter what path we choose, reality has a tendency to confound our expectations so that we are constantly having to reassess and rediscover meaning within the unpredictable stories of our lives.

Nabeel Redwood has experienced this himself. Stuck fast in the pursuit of success as an artist, he found himself caught in a tangle of alienation and depression. What he found next, however, changed his life and set him firmly on a new path—one of meaning and joy. He found shamanism.

Now, after serving thousands of clients as a shamanic healer and teacher, Redwood reveals the keys to uncovering this affirming and powerful way of being for yourself. Offering an array of exercises and practices, Inner Peace, Outer Power will help you unlock the secrets to living the life of a happy warrior, able to meet life’s ups and downs with equanimity and pursue your goals and dreams with focus and zeal.

A path with heart is possible for everyone—let this book be your first step towards a life of personal power and authentic joy.