Faerie Wisdom to Live By

Faerie Wisdom to Live By

The Mind's Eye II

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n the Name of Faerie Truth and Light

Ever wonder what living with faeries might feel like? When Zing learned to converse with faeries, her life opened to a new realm of Love and Wisdom. Learn with Zing how the Elemental Nature Spirits of earth, water, fire, and air work to keep your body, mind, and spirit functioning in harmony with the Earth. Hear how Faeries view things, and how their delight and playfulness can support you in making your life a Heaven on Earth. Faeries help humans create and live entertaining stories!

Meet Warcum and Gamut, the Garden Gnomes; Celerine, the Green Faerie; the Earth Faerie Towanacjuk (Tee); and more, as the Faerie Kin gather to share their Faerie Wisdom with you.

The seven-pointed Faerie Star is a reminder of the One Light which embraces, enfolds, and encompasses us all. We each find our bridge to the Light.

Here are Faerie stories to walk you across your bridge...