Black Ritual Salt (Witch's Salt)

Black Ritual Salt (Witch's Salt)

The Mind's Eye II

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Magical Uses: Banishing, Binding, Cleansing, Exorcism, Expelling Negative Influences, Magical Barriers, Protection, Purification

How To Use: Sprinkle around outside of home, workplace, prayer circle, etc for protection & to drive away those that would do harm, Scatter around an area to absorb toxic energies, sweep up & discard afterward to dispose of the absorbed energies, Strew in the path of unwanted person to keep them from your home or business, Fill bowl & put near the center of the room to cleanse the space & neutralize negative energy, Carry in pouch around neck or in pocket to repel negativity, Put under pillow to block bad dreams, night terrors, sleep paralysis, In ritual baths to cleanse & purify (will turn grey/black from the charcoal), Put a thin line around your ritual space to prevent negative influences from entering

**May stain surfaces
**NOT for human consumption