Angelology Book

Angelology Book

The Mind's Eye II

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Discover the power, names, and virtues of 224 angels

 is a pop-illustrated encyclopedia that presents angels in way they’ve never been presented before—in the style of a superhero comic book. Readers will discover the names, powers, and virtues of 224 angels—from Archangel Gabriel to Zephaniel.

Each of the 224 angels—including eleven archangels—are presented as celestial superheroes. Infographic-style pages outline their individual powers, virtues, and mythology. This book explores the epic battle between good and evil, human consciousness, and the journey to spiritual growth. Celestial superheroes from different religions and cultures can be found within, each one off erring us protection and guidance that can be attained by merely calling their names!

Angelology is for believers, the inquisitive, or superhero enthusiasts.