7 Archangel Incense

7 Archangel Incense

The Mind's Eye II

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7 Archangels Incense

Monday: Archangel Jofiel, scent thousand flowers-brings love, success and great happiness
Tuesday: Archangel Samuel, pink scent and honey-simply offers protection and shelter to all in need
Wednesday: Archangel Gabriel, sandal scent-psychic development, helps with grief and comforts in time of sadness
Thursday: Archangel Raphael, jasmine scent-financial security and career success
Friday: Archangel Uriel, cinnamon scent-gives wisdom and insight and helps with creativity
Saturday: Archangel Zadquiel, violet scent-good fortune and success with money, life and business
Sunday: Archangel Michael, scent arruda-offers healing and good health to all

This box contains 7 packs of 5 sticks of incense for invocations of each day of the week.

*Made in India